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Sorry for the X-Post

If I can't do this... I'm sorry just let me know and I'll erase it... But for now...


A RPG set as a classy exotic dance club located in Downtown Baltimore. Where the streets are hott but inside is even hotter. Anytime everything or should I say anyone is fair game. We offer many different features, 5 full service bars, many different dance floors, 4 private rooms, VIP lounge (for any and all parties that you can think of), Arcade, full service kitchen, pool tables, a deck bar, a pool for those hott summer nights, and 6 hot tubs surrounding the pool for those oh so cold nights...

Anyone and Anything is welcome! Everyone has to be bad once in awhile. Why not do it here? Let your imagination run wild?!?!

Think you would be interested?!?! Check out the page and email your info...

Till Then...
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I don't mind if you post off topic, as long as Katie doesn't. We've never decided against it. Have you also tried promoting in community_promo?
Yes I have.... I'm trying to promote this as much as I can... Thank you so so so much! But like I said of you do decide against it... It will be out as soon as I get the post...

:) you're welcome. As I said I don't have a problem with it and I doubt that Katie will, but if she does one of us will let you know :)